Simplifying the Security and Management of IT and OT Infrastructure.

Deployed in over 80 Countries and on over 280 ISPs


We are focused on bringing the easiest to use security products to everyone, from the home consumer to the large enterprise power user.


Security first for our cloud architecture it vitally important.

Hardware Engineering

Designing custom firmware, with the latest technologies.

Software development

Maintain repeatable processes using the latest technologies.

Research & Development

Focusing on threat intelligence to drive our protection logic.

Flexible Solutions with Instant Setup

Our award-winning solutions secure your infrastructure against the latest cyber threats.

SimpliNET2 AC2100 Mesh WiFi System

  • Super-fast WiFi with 6 high-gain omnidirectional antennas
  • Automatic Firmware Updates
  • RATtrap built-in as a security module


If you are interested to learn more about our company and how we got our start into security, hardware development, and tackling the challenges that come with building a company, we'd love to share it with you.