Meet IoT Defense

IoT Defense, Inc. (IOTD) is disrupting cyber defense by securing Internet of Things (IoT) and Operational Technology (OT) infrastructure through hyper-usable technology that is accessible and affordable to everyone. Our products are utilized by enterprises, small businesses, and consumers across the globe and safeguard networks against emerging cyber threats like ransomware.

More About IOTD

We are a team of highly-experienced offensive and defensive security experts who understand how hackers can penetrate connected technology and other unmanaged devices. We have seen first-hand how botnets like Mirai, Satori, BrickerBot, and IoT_reaper, among others, have proliferated in recent years, targeting insecure home routers, firewalls, and a range of IoT devices like cameras, smart appliances, and other mission-critical IoT and OT devices in hospitals, farms, and manufacturing plants, among others. IoT and OT device manufacturers have treated security and privacy as an afterthought, competing with each other in a race to market, but failing to provide the end-user with reliable security. Consequently, organizations and consumers are exposed to a rapidly-growing threat landscape, with no end in sight.

Ground Zero

Mirai, Satori, BrickerBot and IoT_reaper – what do these names have in common? These are botnets, still very active on the internet, targeting home routers and devices connected to those routers. These botnets are not about to go away anytime soon. Quite the contrary - they are going to get more sophisticated and effective at inflicting damage on the Internet at massive scale. For IoT device vendors, security and privacy has always been an afterthought and consequently, consumers are being exposed to constant threats. IoT security is a nascent market today but is poised for massive growth as IoT devices proliferate in homes and business alike. Securing these devices is a daunting challenge but a massive opportunity. We are at ground zero of this. “IoT Defense” is not just our name, we live and breathe this stuff every day. Working towards our mission of securing the Internet of Things, we launched our highly rated consumer product, RATtrap which won the Popular Science Top Security Innovation Award. But that is just the beginning, we have pipeline full of exciting products and you could be a part of that journey. ​ Our founding team has more than four decades of combined experience in information security. Throughout our careers, we have built and shipped commercial security products used by millions of consumers all over the planet. At IoT Defense, we did it again, going from an idea on paper to successful product launch which entailed designing and building hardware, embedded software, cloud backend, Web UI, mobile apps, threat intelligence pipeline in less than 18 months. An impressive feat that was made possible by the team’s knowledge, experience, dedication and ability to execute. Being a part of this team will entail a constant flow of challenges, learning on your feet and non-stop fun while you are at it.

Working with Us


Innovation Playground

Adaptability and continuous change is in our DNA. You will always be encouraged to feel dissatisfied with the status quo and think outside the box. Your desire to work on some the following is music to your ears. We will do everything to enable you to be successful.

  • Distribute threat intelligence updates using blockchain.
  • Develop Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to profile IoT Device behavior.
  • Hack our own cloud infrastructure.
  • Containerize our build environments for easy replication.
  • Spice up that UI with the latest JS/CSS framework.
  • Squeeze the last ounce of performance from the network data path.

Cutting Edge Technology

We are looking for engineering talent across the board to help with embedded systems, Web UI, cloud Infrastructure and full stack work. You will have a unique opportunity to take ownership of the end to end aspects of the product from embedded to cloud and everything in between. Here is a small sampling of some cool technologies you will get to work with in various roles:

  • Linux VMs on Azure IaaS.
  • Deployment automation (Chef, Puppet).
  • Multi-Prvider VM orchestration.
  • Full stack feature development.
  • High availability and Load balancing.
  • IoT honeypots.
  • DNS infrastructure.
  • Performance tuning.
  • REST APIs.
  • iOS and Android mobile apps.
  • Embedded Linux, U-Boot, OpenWRT.
  • Linux network stack.
  • ARM and MIPS based SoCs.
  • GPIO, SPI, I2C, MTD busses and peripherals.
  • C/C++, Python, JavaScript, Node JS.
  • Security Architecture.

Positions Available

  • Senior Threat Researcher
  • UX Designer

Getting In Touch

We hope the opportunities at IoT Defense exicite you and likewise we are equally stoked to hear from you. Please reach out to us [email protected]